Securing Our Information: Upcoming Initiatives

UW-System and UW-Platteville have prioritized information security as a strategic goal for the upcoming year.  As part of this focus on information security there are several initiatives starting at UW-Platteville this year.  Some of these include:

  • Information Security online training for specific users later this semester
  • Password complexity changes to meet new requirements
  • Two-factor authentication requirements for users with access to sensitive data

Watch your campus email and Discover IT for more details on these initiatives in the coming months!

Information security is not just for campus life

As you might suspect, understanding risks and creating complex passwords apply to your personal business as well.  Many of you may already employ two-factor authentication for your personal services, e.g. Gmail.  ITS recommends choosing two-factor authentication whenever it is offered.

For more tips and tricks to protect your information and identity, check out the websites, video, and printable materials on the Technology Mashup Resources – January 2017 page.  Topics include

  • Things to consider when posting to social media
  • Securing your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts
  • Avoiding identity theft and using your credit report
  • General information security

Contributors: Louann Gilbertson, ISO, and Mike Sherer, Deputy CIO with Deb Meyer


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