Reporting a problem with your computer? Computer names are key

September 23, 2016

Imagine this: Your campus computer isn’t working properly. You need to get to class, so you quickly send an email to the ITS Help Desk explaining the problem.  However, in your haste, you neglect to mention where you are, maybe even who you are, what kind of device it is, etc.  The Help Desk emails you back for this information but because you have classes back-to-back all afternoon, you don’t see that message until after the Help Desk has closed for the day.  Result? Hours lost that could have been spent resolving your issue. 

With one small piece of information, many of these questions could have been answered allowing work to progress toward a quicker solution: the computer name.

Every computer at UW-Platteville has a unique name combining a three-letter code that designates a computer type (workstation, laptop, or tablet) with the six-digit asset tag (eg. WKS001234). 

asset tagThe asset tag is an orange sticker with “Property of UW-Platteville” at the top.  It contains a barcode and a 6-digit number in small black text. You will find these stickers on office devices as well as lab workstations. In a pinch, providing the asset tag number alone is helpful.

With this information, ITS staff can quickly tell a computer’s location, owner, and model as well as the software it contains and its maintenance history. Learning your computer’s name can be key to expedited technical support.

How do I find the computer name or asset tag?

Instructions for finding your computer name and its asset tag are posted in the ITS Knowledge Base. This document includes a full list of other campus devices that are asset-tagged and those that are not.

Employees, let’s play Asset Tag Poker!

Do you have the best asset-tag hand? Use the instructions above to find the 6-digit asset tag number for your office computer or university-issued device. Each digit represents a different playing card (sorry, no royalty in this game).

  • 1 = Ace = High
  • 0 = 10
  • Remaining numbers are as they appear (2=2, 3=3, etc.)

If you think your tag contains the best hand possible, email your asset tag number using your uwplatt email account to Sean Wolfe, Hardware Asset Manager, at  Deadline is Friday, Sept. 30. A prize will be awarded for the best hand submitted by the due date!

Coming in October: Inventory Audit

Watch your email for information on a computer inventory audit to be conducted in October.  You will be asked to submit your computer name/asset tag at that time.  If you would like assistance finding this information, check the instructions in the ITS Knowledge Base or contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400.


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