Registration Fall 2016: Beginning-to-end resources for the busy student

October 28, 2016

Registration for Winterim and Spring 2017 opens on Monday, November 7, 2016.  Are you ready? There are a number of resources inside PASS and out to help you with the process from preparation to completion.

Class Availability

Class Availability provides fresh data about current class enrollment, including location, number of seats available, instructor, and days/times the class is offered.  It’s the perfect complement to Schedule Builder when creating student class schedules.

Schedule Builder

As you prepare to enroll for next semester, check out Schedule Builder, a feature in PASS that allows you to choose desired courses and factor in obligations such as work, team practice, or rehearsal to generate various scheduling options. In PASS go to your Student Center and click on Schedule Builder. Need assistance? Find step-by-step Schedule Builder instructions in the ITS Knowledge Base.

Student Planner

Also found in PASS, Student Planner allows you to plan your courses from first term to graduation and modify at any time. Learn how in the ITS Knowledge Base.

PASS Express and Class Search

PASS Express provides a streamlined interface to PASS, especially for mobile devices.   Use its Class Search to find every detail about available courses including a map of the class location.  Discover what’s there for you online at /its/pass or download the free app for Android or iOS. NOTE: Official registration must be completed in the full version of PASS.


The PASS Help module provides a direct link to printable PASS documentation in the ITS Knowledge Base from within PASS.  Get the guidance you need without losing your place! 

Scheduling a meeting with your advisor

Follow these instructions for scheduling a meeting with your advisor (or any person) in the Office 365 Outlook Web App.

Importing class schedules from PASS to Office 365

When your registration is completed, you may import your class schedule directly into your Office 365 calendar using Outlook desktop client, one of the free Office applications available to you as a UW-Platteville student.  Find instructions for importing your schedule in the ITS Knowledge Base.


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