Project Updates

March 13, 2014

Media Technology Services:  Boebel classroom upgrades

Over spring break Boebel 211 and 221 will receive technology upgrades including high resolution document cameras, Blu-ray, and computers.  For Boebel 211 this is a welcome change from having no permanent technology .   Modernizing the space has been discussed for years, but funding was not available until recently.  Boebel 211 is a 66-seat classroom with interesting dimensions,  lightly-used primarily by the Biology Department.   It is speculated that, with technology installed, the room will get more use.  Boebel 221 is a 61-seat classroom heavily-used by a variety of disciplines.  The high-tech classroom was originally installed in 2000. 

Applications & Development and PMCOE: HighPoint

ITS developers are working with functional areas and vendor High Point to implement mobile software that allows each student to grant “guest access” to their accounts  to third parties, such as parents.  Students may select the features guests may view including billing, the student’s grades and/or class schedule.  The new system will allow guests to make payments as well.  In addition to allowing guest viewers, students will benefit from an improved mobile experience for viewing financials and schedules.  Functional areas partnering on the project include the Registrar, Financial Services, the Distance Learning Center, and Admissions.  The Project Management Center of Excellence (PMCOE) is providing project oversight.  Implementation is planned for late spring.

Systems & Infrastructure: Network switch upgrades

Efforts are underway to upgrade the network switches in 20 buildings across campus.  Network switches provide network connectivity for your phones, computers, and mobile devices.  Upgrades have been completed in Royce Hall and the ground floor of Ullsvik Hall.  The second floor of Ullsvik is scheduled tonight (March 14).  Occupants will be notified via e-mail when their building is next.  The project is expected to continue through end of 2014.


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