February 20, 2014

The ITS webpages –including the Media Technology Services section—launched yesterday, completing the department’s website which started with the debut of the Help Desk section last fall.  While the Help Desk section serves as a portal for Support Services, the new department site offers valuable information and resources on a full spectrum of campus technology topics:

  • Access to major campus systems, i.e. E-mail, PASS, and Business Intelligence
  • Information on campus policies, accounts, online storage, passwords, Wi-Fi, and more
  • ITS Training Calendar, course descriptions, and training request form
  • Links to campus technology committees: IT Prioritizations and STAC
  • Pages on each team within the department and corresponding staff directories
  • A separate section for Information Security resources and updates
  • Discover IT articles

In addition, the Media Technology Services section provides a complete outline of media services including video production, videoconferencing, and equipment checkout as well as details on high-tech classrooms and links to related resources.

Reset your bookmarks.

In place of the Academic Tools page, each major campus system  has its own landing page containing a login button, system-specific information, and links to resources in the ITS KnowledgeBase.  When necessary, these landing pages may host important outage information or other time-sensitive messages.  We strongly recommend that you reset bookmarks to the new landing pages rather than directly to the system login pages.  By stopping at the landing page first, you will receive up-to-date information on outages and known issues.

Where to find Academic Tools?

Tool Bookmark this address... Also find them here...

Shortcuts menu

(ITS menu: Applications)


Shortcuts menu

(ITS menu: Applications)

Online Class Schedule

PASS landing page 

(Registrar menu: Class Schedules)

Password Management

Help Desk QuickLinks 

(ITS menu: Get Connected)

Online Storage (NetStorage)

Help Desk QuickLinks

(ITS menu: Get Connected)

Software Purchasing

Help Desk menu: Software

[A printable version is posted in ITS Knowledge Base.]

The current Academic Tools page will remain active for a limited time to allow people to transition and save new bookmarks.

Thanks to our team of content stewards who worked diligently to sift through over 3,000 webpages for relevant information in the old space and then transfer or create content in the web CMS and to all who helped recreate and update documentation for the KnowledgeBase.  This was definitely a team effort!

Customer feedback on the new website is appreciated!  Send comments to


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