Office 365 update: Consultant hired

July 24, 2014

The Office 365 Implementation Executive Committee and Project Team officially kicked-off the conversion project with a meeting on Monday, July 21.

Catapult Systems of Austin, TX will partner with UW-Platteville to assist with the conversion.  Catapult Systems is a Microsoft-focused IT consulting firm with offices across the country.  Our campus technical core team will meet with the consultant later this week to finalize details.  The consultant will begin work on campus the week of July 28.

What the project includes

  • Data conversion, training and support for migrating Zimbra calendar/e-mail to Microsoft calendar/e-mail
  • Microsoft Outlook Desktop Client enabled and supported for users that require it
  • OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud user storage) enabled with guidelines & documentation for how to migrate from the J drive, if desired
  • Developing a process to support alumni accounts

What the project does not include

  • Data conversion from e-mail sources other than Zimbra webmail
  • SharePoint (collaborative feature)
  • Lync (instant messaging, videoconferencing, etc.)

In order to sustain the existing e-mail environment until our Office 365 go-live in October, account-level backups in Zimbra have been disabled. This has already improved Zimbra performance and frees resources to reallocate to the migration process. System-level backups of Zimbra are still being created so that ITS can restore Zimbra in case of a major system failure.  This mirrors the functionality that will be available to us in Office 365, where account-level back-ups are not supported.  When a message is lost, corrupted or deleted in Office 365, it cannot be recovered. 

The Office 365 project is on track for transition of accounts beginning Fall Break 2014. More information will be announced as it become available.  Follow the project online at /project-email. If you have questions about the conversion to Office 365, please send them to .


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