Office 365 Update

August 29, 2014

The Office 365 Project is on-track for go-live during Fall Break 2014. Recent progress includes: 

  • Beginning the migration of over 45 million items (messages, events, contacts, and tasks)
  • Selection of Mircosoft-certified New Horizons to assist with faculty, staff, and student training
  • Creation of printable documentation and an FAQ sheet in the Knowledge Base. More to come!

Preparing your Zimbra account
There are several things you can do to prepare for the final conversion.

  • Search for and remove (or archive) all messages over 25MB in Zimbra. Office 365 limits messages to 25MB. Messages larger than 25MB will not migrate.
  • Search for and remove (or save) all executable files. They will not migrate to Office 365. 
  • Make note of all mail filters and shares. These will not migrate and will need to be reestablished in Office 365.
  • Rethink your use of tags and color. These will not transfer and will need to be reestablished in Office 365. 

Deleting Items
The process of copying items from Zimbra to Office 365 has begun, beginning with items created prior to Januart 1, 2014. Migration of newer items will continue with the most current items migrated closer to the go-live date. Since the moment each account is migrated cannot be predicted, it is possible that items you delete from Zimbra today may have already been copied to Office 365. This means you may have to delete them again from Office 365 later.

Folder structure
Folders will migrate from Zimbra to Office 365. However, with the migration underway, it is possible that changes you make to the file structure in Simbra today may result in duplicate folders in Office 365 later. Likewise, moving messages between folders in Simbra today may result in duplicate messages in Office 365 after go-live. The best way to minimize duplication is to make as few changes as possible to your account until the project is complete.

For more information, please refer to our project website. Curious about what Office 365/Outlook Web Client look like? Log into Atomic Learning and check out the video tutorials.

Please send your questions, comments, and concerns regarding the Office 365 Project to .


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