Office 2013 upgrade, Windows updates underway

July 30, 2015

The campus-wide upgrade to Office 2013 began this week in conjunction with a major wave of Windows updates, ensuring all campus computers are up to the same level of security.

The changes are occurring on a building-by-building basis. Each building’s occupants will receive email notification at least one business day prior. ITS is able to push out the Windows updates to all computers overnight through SCCM (Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager).  The following morning ITS Support personnel will follow-up in each building to verify the updates have been successfully completed.  At this same time, all campus computers that are still running Office 2010 will be upgraded to Office 2013

What do I need to know?

The Windows update process is automatic and will begin in the overnight hours.  Computers should “wake up” for the updates and restart when the process is complete.  However, it is possible the updates may begin when the computer is turned on that morning – or any time after. 

If the updates begin when the computer is turned on, you will receive a pop-up message giving you one-hour notice before the computer automatically restarts.  A red progress bar and the time will appear so you may monitor how many minutes are left.  You may opt to save your work and restart your computer at any time. If you wait until the computer restarts on its own, you may lose work that has not been saved.

After the upgrade to Office 2013, you will need to re-pin applications to your task bar (e.g. Word or Outlook).  The upgrade process wipes the task bar clean. Likewise any frequently-used files pinned to those applications on the task bar will need to be re-pinned. You may want to make a list of those files for your convenience later.

Where can I find information on Office 2013?

Check out these vendor resources

• Office 2013 Comparison Chart (Dell):
• Office 2013 Quick Start Guides (Microsoft):
• Atomic Learning (UW-Platteville login required): /icet/atomic-learning-login (Login and search “Office 2013”.)

Attend training

Two sessions of Making the Jump to Office 2013 (Secret: It’s more like a hop.) are scheduled during the Technology Mashup on August 25 and 27.  Registration is now open. Go to /icet/technology-mashup for more details.

If you have questions about the Windows updates, Office 2013 upgrade, or the SCCM process, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or

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