Notes from the Assistant vice Chancellor for Information Technology/ CIO

September 12, 2013

Let me start by thanking those I’ve already met and those  have helped me acclimate to the campus and community.  I’m excited to be at UW-Platteville and to start working with you.  In this article, I’ll cover a bit about myself and my focus this first year, as well as some of my goals and my communication style.  

Getting to know Sue

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I have been working in higher-ed IT for 23+ years, the last 20 at Carleton College, a small liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota.  Prior to Carleton, I worked at the University of Minnesota providing training and help desk support for faculty, students, and staff. 

Outside of work, I’ve been busy spending time with my family and settling into a new home. My husband Rick and I have been married for 24 years.  We have three children: Kate, a recent graduate of Luther College; Nicole, a first year student at St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, MN; and my son Alex, a ninth grader at Platteville High School.  We purchased property 7 miles northwest of Platteville, just this side of Ellenboro. 

Getting to know you and the campus

Just as you are getting to know me, I have been getting to know many staff and some faculty on campus over the summer.  I have met with over 40 staff and faculty outside of the IT and MTS departments.  I look forward to meeting anyone who would like to meet with me. Please drop me a note or give me a call, and we will get a conversation scheduled.


My responsibilities as Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT/CIO include OIT and Media Technology Services (MTS) as well as helping set the overall technology direction on campus.  Some of my top goals for the first year include:

  • Implement a new IT Prioritization committee structure to replace the existing TOPC committee. 
  • Change the IT Support Model to a consolidated model with experts to support specialty areas across campus, a combined IT/ResNet help desk, improved hardware/software asset tracking, and standardized software imaging where appropriate.
  • Partner with the newly-formed Project Management Center of Excellence (PMCOE) to improve project management techniques both in IT and across campus.
  • Continued implementation and rollout of Business Intelligence reporting.
  • Work with the campus to develop an IT Strategic Plan including help from an outside consulting firm.
  • Identify IT priorities for the upcoming year and appropriate resources to support these needs.
  • Meet with every OIT/MTS staff member to get acquainted and identify professional development opportunities.
  • Identify concerns/opportunities/challenges and start to work with the campus and IT/MTS on how to address these.
  • Implement recommendations from the HURON report.

Other things to know about me  

  • I am a strong advocate of face-to-face communication
  •  (in addition to or followed up in e-mail).
  • I have three principles I try to follow and will ask others to follow:
  • There is no such thing as too much communication.
  • Never start with the word "No" when talking with a campus client/colleague.
  • How we do things is as important as what we do.
  • I will make mistakes - as we all do. I hope you will have patience with me as I become part of the UW-Platteville campus community.
  • I'm extremely approachable. Come, talk - we can work through anything when we do it together!
  • I am very excited to be at UW-Platteville.




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