New Website Steering Committee

August 27, 2012

A new website steering committee has been formed with executive sponsorship by Robert Cramer, vice chancellor for Administrative Services, and Dennis Cooley, assistant chancellor for Advancement. The committee will oversee both the website redesign project and the ongoing governance of the website. University Information and Communications will direct the project, with Paul Erickson serving as the project manager. Information Technology Services will serve as a resource.

Among the duties of the new committee are to revamp the website in terms of navigation, design, functionality, user identification and migration of materials. A communications plan to keep campus informed of the progress and decisions pending or completed will also be developed.

Members of the steering committee are:

  • Stephanie Belken, Alumni Services
  • Stacie Byers, Prospective Student Services
  • Ian Clark, University Information and Communications
  • Robert Cramer, Administrative Services
  • Christina Curras, Administrative Services
  • Peter Davis, Facilities Management
  • Paul Erickson, University Information and Communications
  • Christine Hawkinson, Distance Learning
  • Bill Hudson, College of EMS
  • Tyler Tollefson, Media Services
  • Mike Sherer, Information Technology Services
  • John Vieth, Information Technology Services
  • Joanne Wilson, Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs

The steering committee will meet weekly. Some pilot programs will be selected to test different functional and navigational tools, and then a timetable will be established for implementation.

If you ever have questions about the project, please contact


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