New IT Prioritization Structure Approved

October 14, 2013

On Monday, Sept 30 the Senior Leadership Team approved a new IT Prioritization structure that will replace TOPC and other smaller committees.   The new structure consists of an Executive Committee and three advisory committees: Administrative Systems, Educational Technology, and Infrastructure.  Each committee has defined responsibilities:

  • Executive IT Committee ensures IT alignment with the central mission of UW-Platteville.  This committee will review and approve/reject recommendations from the advisory committees and approve the overall IT funding model. 
  • Administrative Systems Committee provides oversight and sets priorities for the development and integration of UW-Platteville’s enterprise systems.  This committee will make recommendations to the Executive IT Committee regarding system development, funding, and policy.
  • Educational Technology Committee provides oversight and sets priorities for the use of educational technologies that support the teaching and learning environments at UW-Platteville.  This committee will identify opportunities for improvement or innovation in teaching and learning that can be enabled by educational technology and provide a forum where faculty and schools can collaborate in their use of that technology. 
  • Infrastructure Committee provides oversight and sets priorities for the IT infrastructure at UW-Platteville.  This committee will ensure alignment of UW-Platteville’s IT infrastructure services with academic and administrative direction, goals, and priorities and provide a forum for the discussion of new infrastructure requirements or emerging technologies. 

While technology project requests are welcome at any time, the Executive IT Committee will rank the submissions three times a year--in March, June, and November--for implementation during the subsequent corresponding work periods of Summer, Fall, and Spring.

If you have questions regarding this new IT Prioritization model, contact Sue Traxler, Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT/CIO.  Full details will be posted on the OIT Home page soon.


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