Meet Steve Hankes

May 10, 2013
Steve Hankes

25 years ago... when "IT" didn't stand for "information technology" and the Internet was still text-based, the first personal computers were arriving on campus and there was one man to support those powerhouse systems - the newly hired Stephan C. Hankes. Technology has changed considerably since then, but Steve has consistently been taking care of business (“T.C.B!”).  Officially he’s an “Electronic Technician III” although most of us know him as “the Printer Guy” or “the Cable Guy.” In addition to printer service and network cabling, Steve is also the mastermind behind the semi-annual computer buys, thoroughly evaluating available products and picking the right models of desktops and laptops to meet the computing needs of students, faculty and staff. 

So what makes a guy like Steve stick around for 25 years? It's not the noticeably well-fed squirrels that hang around Gardner Hall, it's about people. "My work is service-oriented and I enjoy the satisfaction of repairing hardware and solving problems for people."  Steve is recognized within OIT for fostering that kind of customer-focused service in his student employees.   

"Steve has a reputation for hiring and mentoring outstanding student employees,”  states Deputy CIO Mike Sherer.  “Over the years Steve's attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and ability to positively influence his students and co-workers have earned him an outstanding reputation.  OIT and UW-Platteville are very lucky to have such an outstanding individual in their organizations."

When Steve's moped isn't parked in Lot 13 - even during the cold winter months - then he's probably enjoying two of his other favorite hobbies: photography and cooking. If Steve happens to be in your area to fix a printer or install a new data jack, you may want to ask if he'll share some tips on good portrait locations in the Platteville area or how to grill the perfect hamburger. But here's one tip you don't have to wait for: After 25 years of IT experience, what technology trick does Steve have to share? "Turn it Off, then back On." And, you know what, it's amazing how often that works.


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