Meet Ryan Cady

April 23, 2014
Ryan Cady

Ryan Cady may be new to his responsibilities as IT Support Specialist/Liaison, but he is no stranger to UW-Platteville or Information Technology Services.  A Pioneer honors graduate of the Business Construction Management program with an emphasis in Project Management, Ryan has been on campus for 5-1/2 years.  He began his employment with ITS in 2010 and provided frontline support at the Help Desk until his graduation in December 2013.  Since January, Ryan has worked with ITS as an LTE, assisting with various projects including inventorying, imaging, organizing, and distributing of computer systems until his full-time hire earlier this month.

What enticed Ryan to pursue a permanent job with ITS? “Something new happens every day.  I find myself being challenged day in and day out; [it] keeps me on my toes.”

Of course, no one can work in IT for five years without finding ways to unplug.  For Ryan, that means going outdoors.  Hunting, fishing, sports, and woodworking top his list of past-times, his favorite being duck hunting with this father and brother back home in Iowa. 

Ryan began his professional duties with ITS on April 7.  As IT Support Liaison for Administrative Services (excluding Dining Services) and Admissions & Enrollment Management, Ryan is making his way through the departments, introducing himself and laying the groundwork for the collaboration and consultation that is to come.  If you work in Ryan’s liaison area and have not yet had the pleasure, stop by the ITS Help Desk Open House from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. on April 30; Ryan would love to meet you!


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