Meet Robert Flum

October 29, 2015
Robert Flum

Director of Information Systems & Reporting Robert Flum values collaboration, a helpful quality for the leader of staff who must work closely with diverse areas of campus in order to inform their work. In Robert’s words, “We achieve more as a team.”

Robert was hired as active director in May 2015 after serving 10 months as interim director.  Prior to that, Robert worked as an independent consultant on the Business Intelligence project.

Robert’s post-secondary education combined a love of science and music that led to positions from faculty member to department chair to dean to owner of his own consulting and training business. The complementary nature of his experience – creative and analytical – is reflected in the systems he oversees - PASS (which feeds many other systems through dozens of integrations) and Business Intelligence (a system that pulls data from various sources including PASS and organizes it for public consumption), making Robert a good fit for his current role in ITS.

It’s not all numbers and data for Robert, however.  In his precious free time, Robert enjoys family, friends, and the many good things about being back in Wisconsin.


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