Meet Dan Dargel

March 21, 2013
Dan Dargel

Dan Dargel is not one to sit in the office.  He likes to work with his hands and get outdoors.  His job as Manager of Campus Wide Networks and Operating Systems for UW-Platteville suits him well.  “Networking is a physical job but requires attention to detail.”  Those details revolve around designing and managing our wireless and wired networks and troubleshooting system problems.  In addition Dan is an integral part of the Platteville Community Area Network (PCAN) team (see above).

Dan began working for OIT as a student lab consultant in 1987.  After earning his BS in Computer Science with an emphasis in Electronics, he joined our staff permanently and worked his way up to his current position in networking.  The variety inherent in the position keeps it interesting.  “The job has a wide range of tasks and responsibilities which afford the opportunity for a diverse array of technical experiences daily.”  Dan’s hard work and attention to those details were recognized with the 2008 Academic Staff Award for Excellence.

Not surprisingly, Dan’s pension for problem-solving, planning, and hands-on experiences extends to his favorite past-time, sailing.   Dan appreciates that sailing requires meticulous planning; you have to think ahead and assess many factors at once.   “As much as you try to be master of the sea, you have to realize you are also at its mercy.”  However, being outdoors, skimming the waters of his favorite spot, Lake Superior, Dan is also able to relax and enjoy.

We at OIT are grateful to have Dan on our team as we chart a new course and navigate the challenging waters ahead.


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