Meet Colleen Garrity

December 15, 2015
Colleen Garrity

Colleen Garrity, Director of Media Technology Services in ITS, began her career at UW-Platteville as a videography/photographer in 1992. Today Colleen manages audio and video operations including planning, installation, production, script writing, budgeting, consultation, training, and duplication. She also works with the campus community in the organization and planning of distance learning and emerging technologies.

During the 23 years she has worked on campus, Colleen has captured countless campus events from football games and classroom presentations to commencement and the Christmas Telethon in support of Wisconsin Badger Camp, but it is the people she remembers most.

“It is a collection of memories of all the amazing people that I have gotten to know by working here.  We have laughed together and cried together.  Some of them didn’t stay here long, but have left an impression on me that will last my lifetime.”

In addition to her director duties, Colleen serves as advisor for the Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) “Working with students keeps me young.  I learn from them every day.”

Away from work Colleen enjoys gardening, refinishing furniture, knitting, and reading.  “Sunday mornings are reserved for hot tea and a good book.” You may also find her grabbing a burger at one of her favorite haunts, the Owl Café on Second Street.

Like many on campus, Colleen is a Pioneer, graduating from UW-Platteville with a B.S. in Radio and Television Broadcasting with an emphasis in Engineering. She holds a Master of Science in Instructional and Performance Technology from Boise State University and a Professional Development Certificate in Distance Education from UW-Madison.

What advice does Colleen offer from her years of experience? “Remain calm – help is on the way!”

Editor’s Note: Given her years of experience behind the camera, it is not so surprising that getting a headshot was somewhat of a challenge. ~dlm


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