Media Technology Services update: Classroom renovations

July 24, 2014

MTS staff is busy assessing and documenting the damage to the classrooms in Engineering Hall as well as the other locations on campus.  Our preliminary assessment is "trending positive" with little classroom equipment damage.     We have been through all the classrooms in Engineering Hall as well as several spaces in Bridgeway Commons and Southwest Hall.  We have also been working with the Registrar’s Office and the 80-day steering committee to identify possible alternative classroom locations in the event that Engineering Hall is not fully operational in the fall.   The video production staff have been working hard to document all the damage and the progress made towards recovery.  Many videos can be seen on the campus homepage.

Collaboration stations have arrived and both the CenterPOINT and Karrmann Library locations have been completed.  There is a table malfunction in the Doudna location that will be replaced July 22.  Watch your e-mail for training opportunities.

Doudna 212 and 214 are in the home stretch.  All Physical Plant construction, electrical, paint, and carpet have been completed.  Technology installation will begin July 22 with completion shortly thereafter.


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