June 6 switchover date announced

May 24, 2014

The remaining content sections of the previous UW-Platteville website are scheduled to be converted to the University’s Drupal content management system on June 6 during the regular maintenance window. After that transition, all those web pages with URLs currently beginning with “www3” will then begin with “www.” Any web pages that currently have “www” at the beginning of their URL and have the former designs will no longer be visible to the public if they are not moved to the new website by June 6. Redirects will be made so pages will be accessible using www3. No new linking is required for content stewards.

Also, the personal pages (those with the tilde) will have a new name. Personal pages will now be found at pages.uwplatt.edu/~username. Redirects will be made to automatically link the former personal pages to the new addresses. Students, faculty, and staff, who rely on their existing personal web pages are asked to test and make sure their pages still work after the June 6 conversion date. If any technical assistance is needed at that time, the Web Development Office is happy to assist. Just contact web@uwplatt.edu or call 608.342.1444.

The website transition project involved more than 200 content stewards converting and updating more than 90,000 pages with multiple designs into an effective and cohesive content management system.

During the transition, the campus website will be down. Watch for more details as that day approaches. If you have questions, feel free to contact the following:

Web: John Vieth, viethj@uwplatt.edu
Content: Alison Parkins, parkinsal@uwplatt.edu
ITS: Mike Sherer, sherer@uwplatt.edu
Transition Project: Paul Erickson, ericksop@uwplatt.edu


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