ITP - approved projects - Summer Cycle

April 23, 2014

The IT Prioritizations committee recently concluded the project review, evaluation and prioritization process for the summer cycle.  The attached executive summary details all of the projects that were included for review.  While all the projects were approved, not all will move forward immediately. 


Projects approved for Summer 2014

  • PCI Training Module
  • Dining Services Housing Integration
  • E-mail System move to MS365
  • OBIEE Phase 2 (partial phase 2)
  • Online Credit Card Payments for Students in PASS
  • High Tech Classroom installations: Doudna 145 (renovation & updates)
  • Doudna 212 Conversion to two lecture-capture classrooms
  • Student Collaboration Stations
  • Add Wireless to Res Halls: McGregor, Wilgus, Southwest
  • Printing System Upgraded
  • Implement Shibboleth Authentication
  • Campus Wide Testing Center


Projects approved but delayed

  • Beacon Workflow
  • Room and Event Scheduling, Consolidation & Extension
  • Update Online Phone Book
  • Review Network and Online Storage
  • Increase Off Campus/Mobile Device Access to Campus Storage


The project management team and the project owners will work to schedule projects for completion or further review.

The submission period for Fall 2014 closed on Friday, Apr 11.  Project requests are accepted year-round.  If you have a project you would like considered for Spring 2015, please submit by August 6, 2014.

If you have questions regarding the IT Prioritizations process, contact Mark Woolley at or Sue Traxler at .


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