Introducing a new role: Support liaison

January 24, 2014

In the consolidated service model each Support Services staff member will serve as a support liaison to one or more areas on campus.

What is a support liaison?

The support liaison is the department’s proactive partner for all short- and long-term planning involving technology.  Your liaison will help your department assess and communicate its technology needs to ITS while serving as the voice of ITS within your planning process.  While a liaison may perform hands-on technical support if needed, his/her primary responsibilities are consultation, collaboration, coordination, and communication between ITS and the assigned departments.  Day-to-day technology issues, requests, and questions should be directed to the ITS Help Desk for resolution.

Who is our liaison?

Liaison assignments and contact information have been posted in the ITS Knowledge Base.  Questions regarding liaison assignments may be directed to Tonya Stappert at or 608.342.6173.


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