Introducing "Information Systems & Reporting"

May 16, 2014

Information Technology Services is combining two teams:  The Applications and Development team (responsible for PASS and related integrations) has been combined with the Campus Information and Analysis team (responsible for Business Intelligence and related integrations) to form one team, Information Systems and Reporting.  The work of this team supporting PASS, integrations, reporting and BI does not change.

Tammie Hodgson, director of Campus Information and Analysis who has been serving as interim director of Applications and Development since last fall, will head this combined team going forward.

We congratulate Tammie on her new role.  The Information Systems and Reporting team and Tammie look forward to continuing their work with the campus providing support for PASS, BI and other integration projects.  The team is located on the 4th floor of Kaarman Library.


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