Innovation Grant Received for One Touch Studio

December 1, 2015
One touch studio

Construction is underway on UW-Platteville’s first one touch recording studio thanks to a $19,300 grant from the University of Wisconsin System Innovation Program.  The studio in Karrmann 103 will allow faculty, staff, and students, regardless of media experience, to create videos using a simple touch panel, then save the mp4 file to a USB drive for easy uploading to a variety of streaming services.

Videos may be created as talking head-only, content-only, or combination of the two formats.  Room will also feature a graphics tablet enabling annotation over a computer image, e.g. PowerPoint. Possible uses of the studio include but are not limited to:

  • short training modules
  • rehearsing presentations
  • recording speeches
  • recording conducting
  • demonstrations
  • instructions or lab introductions
  • flipping the classroom, creating material to be watched/heard outside of class time

Faculty or staff who would like to test the studio are invited to contact Colleen Garrity at or 608.342.1628.    

Per the terms of the grant, the one touch studio must be completed by Spring 2016. Information on how to reserve the one touch studio will be published in January.  Faculty and staff interested in seeing the studio are encouraged to register for a tour during Technology Mashup on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016.

This grant was made possible through the efforts of Philip Parker, Ph.D. P.E (Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering), Regina Nelson, Ph. D (Emerging Technologies Manager, Teaching and Learning Center), and Colleen Garrity (Director of Media Technology Services, ITS).


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