Firefox is once again recommended to content stewards! ...and Chrome still rocks, too!

Are you a content steward at UW-Platteville who misses using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser of choice to add and edit web content on UW-Platteville's primary website for marketing and communication? The Web Development Office is pleased to announce that Firefox is once again recommended to content stewards. Previously, content stewards were advised that Firefox was not a good choice until we could fix a bug in our website's software. This was not a Firefox bug, but the bug in our software only seemed to affect Firefox. As a result of the bug, unwanted HTML markup was being inserted into pages when content stewards used Firefox. Well, that bug has been fixed! And we're glad, too, because Firefox is a great web browser.

And by the way, the Google Chrome web browser still rocks, too.

So if you are ever experiencing performance problems while editing web content because you're using that other web browser, consider switching to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. And if they are not on your computer, call the Help Desk and ask them for assistance getting Firefox or Chrome.


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