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September 12, 2013

The Office of Information Technology announces the launch of the OIT Knowledge Base, a repository for campus technology-related how-to’s, procedures, and other documentation.  Hosted and maintained by the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) at UW-Madison, the system allows IT staff to create, modify, and store information in one place that is searchable by all.  The tool also provides...

  • External and internal components, i.e. public instructions for customers, private technical information for our staff, sometimes within the same document
  • Reminders for staff to review and update documentation, reducing outdated information
  • The ability to share documentation between partner institutions, reducing duplicate efforts.  In addition to DoIT, current partners include UW-Green Bay, University of Chicago, Xavier University, and University of California - Berkeley.
  • Interaction with customers to drive development

It’s all about you.  The OIT Knowledge Base is customer-driven.  Your input is crucial to the process of creating a useful tool.  How can you contribute?   At the bottom of each document you will find four opportunities: 

  • Suggest keywordsDid you use a search term that is not on our list?
  • Select Helpful or UnhelpfulOne click, done.
  • Leave a CommentWhat worked, what didn’t?
  • Suggest a new document. If you need to know IT, we want IT in the Knowledge Base.

In addition to the advantages above, the Knowledge Base includes a separate mechanism for campus technology news and updates; the contents can be searched by outside engines, like Google; and the system provides IT staff with insightful data such as the number of hits per document and the occurrence of failed searches.  Together these features enable us to use our time wisely, to ensure that our information is current and our customers are informed, and ultimately, to serve you better.

The OIT Knowledge Base can be found at  It is also accessible from the A-Z Index under O and K.  New documents are added regularly.  Check back often and find your campus IT answers here.


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