Desire2Learn 10.3 testing space

April 23, 2014

UW System recently announced that Desire2Learn Version 10.3 is now functional on a Beta test server that allows instructors and students the opportunity to see what their courses will look like in the new version.

The link to log in to this Desire2Learn 10.3 Beta server is

Although the Desire2Learn interface will look very much like the current live version of your courses, it is important to remember that this is a test site only. Any changes you make in this Desire2Learn 10.3 space will not be reflected in the live version of your courses. You may want to note potential changes to address after the upgrade is complete in early June.

There is a link to the Instructor Help and Student Help for Desire2Learn 10.3 on the right panel of the Beta server login page. For further information on accessing the Beta server, you can refer to the Quickguide document at

If you discover any issues with Desire2Learn 10.3 as you explore your courses on the Beta server or have any questions about how features will work in the new version, you can submit your concerns by emailing the Desire2Learn Administrator at

Note that the speed at which Desire2Learn 10.3 runs on the Beta server is not indicative of the speed that the 10.3 server will run after the upgrade.

The upgrade to Desire2Learn 10.3 is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, June 4-5, 2014. As UW System releases more information about the upgrade, we will forward it to all instructors. We expect that the upgrade will solve many of the issues we have experienced with Desire2Learn this semester.

Please watch for updates and training opportunities in the next few weeks.


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