Campus Reporting & Analysis Update

November 19, 2013

The Campus Reporting & Analysis team has been working diligently on creating new subject areas as well as enhancing existing dashboards.  The following dashboards have been recently updated:

Instructors Information Report Dashboard

Reports added:

  • Class List With Grades – Provides a listing of the classes each instructor is teaching.  It includes student information and grades for the previous term.
  • Glass List GPA – Similar to Class List With Grades and includes average GPA by course.  There are two views to this report: Student Grades by Course and Average GPA by Course.

Majors, Minors, Advisors Dashboard

Reports added:

  • Advisor’s Advisees – A list of advisees assigned to an advisor.
  • Students’ Advisors – Includes student information as well as academic plan, academic level and advisor name.

Official Majors List Dashboard

Report added:

  • Majors Listing – A list of Academic Plan Majors and Pre-Professional Plans.  It is not associated with any students.

Class Capacity Dashboard

Report added:

  • Credits and Instructor – Includes the name of the instructor and the number of credits for each course.

A Level 1 training workshop has been scheduled for December. The Level 1 workshop targets employees who need to run reports from existing queries (“Consumers”).  More opportunities will be added in the spring.  Keep checking the ITS Training Calendar off the Help Desk Home page for updates.


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