Avoid scamming after tragedy

May 10, 2013

Spammers often exploit current events like the Boston bombing to spread malware or gain access to computing resources.  UW-Platteville Information Security cautions all faculty, staff, and students to exercise additional caution, and to stop and think before clicking on web links, e-mails, and Facebook posts related to this (or any) tragedy.  Instead, go to major or trusted news websites for information.

Following is a sample of subject lines used in conjunction with the Boston phishing campaign:

  • “2 Explosions at Boston Marathon”
  • “Aftermath to explosion at Boston Marathon”
  • “Boston Explosion Caught on Video”
  • “BREAKING – Boston Marathon Explosion”
  • “Video of Explosion at the Boston Marathon 2013”
  • “Runner captures.  Marathon Explosion”

At any time, if you receive unsolicited e-mail or if you are unsure of the sender:

  • Do Not Reply
  • Do Not Click on any links
  • Do Not Open any attached files
  • Delete the Message immediately

If you have received an e-mail such as that described above, and have responded to the e-mail or clicked on a link, please change your network password immediately and contact the OIT Help Desk as soon as possible at 608.342.1400.

For additional information see the Center for Internet Security article: “Boston Marathon Bombing is Being Used to Disseminate Malware and Conduct Financial Fraud.”



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