Asset-tagging nearly complete

January 24, 2014

In addition to a centralized support model, another goal of the Support Services initiative is to improve efficiencies with standardized processes (Discover IT,  09.12.13).  Toward that end, newly-appointed Hardware Asset Manager Sean Wolfe is leading a team of ITS employees across campus tagging and documenting classroom and lab items.  The process involves manually attaching an asset tag to every monitor, computer, scanner, and printer  (over 2100 items in all), updating systems to allow for easier remote management, and then entering each item into a database using a standardized naming convention. 

Tagging and documenting items is just Phase I of a process that will eventually include office spaces and will incorporate warranty information, system age, location, and primary user.  The project will continue through spring semester.  In the end, all departments will have a better understanding of their inventory, enabling them to make more informed financial decisions.

Assisting with this project are new Help Desk Manager Josh Savoy, new ITS LTE Ryan Cady, and a number of ITS student employees.  In addition, students on the ResNet development team created the inventory database to meet our specific needs.  The database has a web-based portal that is accessible anywhere staff have  an Internet connection, making it convenient to use. Sean reports that the team effort is going very well, and all classrooms and labs should be completed in a matter of days.

If you have questions about the asset tagging project, contact Sean Wolfe, Support Services Hardware Asset Manager, at


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