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If you are an international student on an F-1 visa planning to transfer from UW-Platteville to another U.S. school, you must notify UW-Platteville of your intent to transfer and to indicate the school to which you intend to transfer. Upon receipt of your completed Transfer Out Form, the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Office will update your record in SEVIS as a "transfer out" and indicate the name of your transfer school and a transfer release date.

Transfer out procedures for F-1 International Students

• Plan ahead! Processing time for transferring a SEVIS record is 10 business days.
• Attach a photocopy of your admission letter from the school/college/university to which you are transferring.
• Attach a photocopy of your EAD card if you are currently on post-completion OPT, (NOTE: Your OPT will be cancelled on the release date that you have requested on this form.)
• Meet with the International Student and Scholar Advisor to discuss and submit this form and supporting materials.
• Contact the new school to see if they require a Transfer Verification Form or a Transfer Clearance Form.

Before You Request to Transfer Your SEVIS Record

Although you may be applying to multiple new schools, ISSS may indicate only one transfer school in SEVIS. You will need to determine the transfer release date on which you would like your SEVIS record to be transferred to the new school. If needed, the International Student and Scholar Services Office can provide guidance in helping you determine your transfer release date.

Immigration regulations (8 C.F.R. § 214.2(f)(8)(i)) state that "the course of study at the transfer-in school must begin within 5 months of the end of the course of study at the transfer-out school, or within 5 months of the release date set by the transfer-out school, whichever is earlier." If you have been authorized for post-completion of OPT, you must be able to resume classes within 5 months of transferring out of the school that recommended OPT or the date of the OPT authorization ends, whichever is earlier.

Please note that your transfer school will not be able to issue you a new SEVIS Form I-20 until the transfer release date. Finally, if you decide to cancel your school transfer you must notify us before your transfer release date—once the transfer release date has been reached, UW-Platteville will no longer have access to your SEVIS record.

Before Leaving UW-Platteville

Before leaving UW-Platteville, please do the following:

  • If you are registered for the next semester, drop your classes in PASS for that semester before the first day of that term. If you do not do so, you will need to pay tuition and fees for the next semester.
  • Access your PASS account and verify that all of your bills are paid. Monitor this for a few months to ensure that no new charges have been applied.
  • Return your textbooks to the Textbook Center
  • Return your library books to the library
  • If you live on campus, notify the Residence Life office that you will not be returning (Residence Life office) OR cancel sublet or re-assign your housing lease (if you live off-campus)
  • Cancel your meal plan, if you have already signed up for a meal plan for the current or upcoming semester (Dining Services)
  • Go to the U.S. Post Office and complete the form to have your mail forwarded or visit the U.S. Post Office online at and enter your “Change of Address” information online. The U.S. Post Office may not forward mail to a non-U.S. address. Check their current regulations.

Choosing a Transfer Release Date

The Transfer Out form will ask you for a "transfer out release date." Your new school cannot make an I-20 for you until UW-Platteville “releases” your immigration records in SEVIS to the new school.  To do this, we must specify a “release date,” whereupon the UW-Platteville will no longer be able to access or change your records, and they will then fall under the jurisdiction of the new school. There are several things to consider when choosing this date:

  1. If you are traveling internationally between the end of your last semester at UW-Platteville and the first semester at the new school, you cannot re-enter the U.S. on your current UW-Platteville I-20. You must obtain a Transfer Pending I-20 from the new school and re-enter using that document.
  2. The transfer-in school may have deadlines to meet regarding transfer procedures and issuance of your new I-20. Check with the appropriate office at the new school.
  3. You cannot continue to work on the UW-Platteville campus or on CPT authorized by UW-Platteville beyond the release date.
  4. Please be advised you must start your new program and begin classes within five months from the last day you were enrolled at UW-Platteville.
  5. After the transfer release date, UW-Platteville will no longer have access to your SEVIS record and cannot make any changes to the record.  Any changes to the record must be made by the new school including transferring the record to a different school.
  6. For graduating students: The SEVIS record must be transferred to the new school within 60 days of graduating from UW-Platteville.  After the 60 day grace period, your SEVIS record is no longer eligible for transfer in SEVIS.
  7. For students on OPT: If you are currently authorized for Optional Practical Training (OPT), the OPT automatically terminates when the “transfer-out release date” passes. You will want to choose a date that is after the last day you intend to work on OPT. Also make sure that you choose a release date before the end of your 60-day grace period.

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