Requesting a Host Family

International Student with Host Family

International students are invited to participate in the CASA program: Community Ambassadors for Students from Abroad, a community friendship program which provides a unique opportunity for international students to experience U.S. culture with local community members from the Platteville area.  As an international student, getting involved in the CASA program will provide you with the opportunity to meet local Platteville community members that will help you adjust to Wisconsin and the U.S. lifestyle as well as share cultural insights.

Students do not live with their assigned community ambassador(s); however, as participants in the CASA program, students would be paired with a family or individual who lives in the Platteville area. Approximately once per month, community ambassadors invite their student(s) to participate in daily activities with them, such as attending a sporting event or birthday party, going shopping, going out for coffee, making dinner, or traveling to a nearby city. This will give students the opportunity to get to know more about U.S. culture by experiencing it with a local U.S. American or U.S. American family.

The formal match with your community ambassador lasts for one academic year, from September to May. However, international students may choose to continue their participation in the CASA program for as long as they are a student at UW-Platteville, with the same community ambassador or a different one.

In order to ensure the friendship works, students are responsible for responding promptly to phone calls or emails from their matched community ambassadors. They are also responsible for upholding commitments they have made to meet with their community ambassadors or providing adequate notice if they cannot be present.

New degree-seeking international students who arrive in the spring would have the opportunity to be matched with a community member starting the following fall.

Save the Date - CASA Program Orientation

Save the Date!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Time Event Location
TBD CASA Information Session for Students International Student Orientation
5-5:30 p.m. CASA Information Session for Community Ambassadors First English Lutheran Church basement
5:30 p.m. Meet & Greet* (Both Students and Ambassadors) First English Lutheran Church basement

*Note: Meet & Greet will take place during the Community Welcome Potluck for International Students