Program Extension (J-1 Scholars)

J-1 Scholar Program Extension

If J-1 professors are unable to complete the program objectives as listed on their DS-2019 by the program end date indicated on their DS-2019, they may apply for a program extension within the semester in which that document expires and at least 30 days before the end date on their DS-2019.


J-1 Professors are eligible to apply for an extension of stay if:

  1. They are working toward the objective shown on their most recent Form DS-2019, their department supports their wish to continue these activities, as indicted by completion of the “Departmental Approval” section in the DS-2019 Request Form (at right).
  2. They have maintained their status as a J-1 Exchange Visitor;
  3. They are within the time limitations of their program.

5-Year Eligibility Window

As of November 17th, 2006 the U.S. Department of State established a fixed 5-year eligibility window during which a J Exchange Visitor in the Professor or Research category may participate. The 5-year period is not an aggregate of five years but a continuous period given to a participant on a “use or lose” basis. The 5-year period begins on the DS-2019 program begin date identified in SEVIS at the time the SEVIS record is validated.

Extensions within the 5 year window for the Professor and Research Scholar program categories is allowed provided the extension is within the 5 year window. To request an extension, this form must be submitted to International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Office at least 2 weeks prior to the current program end date noted on the Exchange Visitor’s DS-2019. Please note that an extension is no longer possible after the current DS-2019 expires.

How to Apply

Please complete the DS-2019 Request Form (linked on the right-hand side of this webpage) to apply for a program extension.


At least 30 days prior to the end date on the J-1 professor's DS-2019.

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