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Mailing Request Instructions

Mailing Request Instructions

You may request to have your new I-20 mailed to you using one of the following shipping methods listed below:

Regular Mail (USPS):

Domestic regular mail (delivery within the U.S.) normally takes 2-5 days at no cost to you. There is no tracking method available for this option. If you choose this option, please be certain that you will remain at this address for at least 2 months after submitting your I-20 request application (and, if you are currently studying in the U.S. in F-1 status, at least 1 month after your SEVIS record was transferred to UW-Platteville).

Instructions: Click here to request that your I-20 be mailed to you via regular USPS mail.

Express Mail Shipping:

International (3-5 days*) and domestic (1-3 days*) delivery, package tracking number, charges apply. Please request a pre-paid Fedex mailing label through eShipGlobal. Your order tracking and shipment information will only be available from eShipGlobal; FedEx will not have this information available from their websites.

Instructions: Click here for instructions on requesting a pre-paid mailing label through eShipGlobal.

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