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Extra Exam Time for International Students

Allowing international students extra time for taking exams/tests, quizzes, etc., due to difficulties with the English language is up to the discretion of each faculty member; there is no policy requiring or prohibiting extra time for international students to take exams. Using the Testing Center (TC) is an option for professors who want to give international students extra time completing exams.

To request TC accommodation, the professor must submit a Testing Center Form. On the form, select the box stating the student does not have a VISA, and write next to it that the student is an international student.  While students with VISAs receive priority placement at the TC, international students will be accommodated as space allows. Please note:  Students are not eligible to receive a VISA based only upon their international status. External Link.

International Student Success Advisor

The International Student Success Advisor serves as a supplemental academic advisor to monitor the academic progress of international students, provide a central point of contact for all international students for academic advising and retention issues, and liaise with academic departments to ensure the campus is responsive to the academic needs of its international students. This position also provides additional administrative and academic support to sponsored international students and students in the English Language Program (ELP) and assists in planning/facilitating International Student Orientation.

Please note that international students will still be assigned to and continue to meet with an academic advisor in their academic departments; the International Student Success Advisor is simply an additional resource to assist international students.

Students are encouraged to reach out to the International Student Success Advisor with any questions or concerns they have related to their academics at UW-Platteville.

Faculty/staff are encouraged to reach out to the International Student Success Advisor throughout the semester with any concerns they may have about an international student’s academic progress, class attendance issues, or course performance.

Contact to contact the International Student Success Advisor.