Host Department Responsibilities

UW-Platteville Professor

When a University of Wisconsin-Platteville department invites a visiting professor from abroad for the purposes of teaching, observing, lecturing, consulting, and/or research, a J-1 visa is the appropriate visa for the visitor. The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office will need to issue a Form DS-2019 for the visiting professor so that s/he may apply for a J-1 visa at a U.S. consulate.

NOTE: ISSS would prefer a minimum of 3 months processing time for J-1 visiting professor requests from the hosting department from the time ISSS receives the request until the desired begin date of the visiting professor’s program.

Responsibilities of Host Department

  1. New Department Hosts Only: Department hosts who have never hosted a vising J-1 professor at UW-Platteville are required to meet with an International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Office staff member to review the J-1 professor application process and the J-1 visa regulations/requirements. Please call 608-342-1852 to set up an appointment.
  1. Identify visiting professor and draft a well-defined teaching or research agenda that includes the start and end date of the J-1 professor's program at UW-Platteville. Notify the Dean, Department Chair, and Director of International Programs of the intent to invite visiting professor.
  1. Collect Application Materials. Collect the following documents from the visiting professor:
    • A letter from the visiting professor’s home institution (on letterhead) endorsing the visitor to come to UW-Platteville, including a detailed description of what the home university expects him/her to do/study/accomplish while s/he is at UW-Platteville.
    • Curriculum vitae/resume
    • Official transcript/s showing at least a Bachelor's Degree or highest level of study (preferably translated into English)
    • Documentation of English Proficiency (translated into English) as outlined on the J-1 Proof of English Proficiency Form
  1. Determine Start and End Date of Visiting Professor’s Program. The program start date must reflect the start date of when the scholar actually begins his/her work with your department and the end date must reflect the last day that the scholar does work with your department. Department Hosts: Please do not "pad" the start and end dates by choosing an earlier start date or a later end date to allow for travel time; J-1 professors have 30 days before their official start date to enter the U.S./travel and 30 day grace period after the program end date to pack up, travel, etc. before leaving the U.S.

The start and end dates of the professor’s program should match on all Scholar Application documents submitted to ISSS (the invitation letter, the Financial Verification Form, the Department Recommendation Form, and any documents issued by the Scholar’s home institution), as these dates will be listed on the J-1 professor’s DS-2019 document (used to get a J-1 visa).

Note: ISSS cannot change the J-1 professor’s DS-2019 end date unless the host department provides proof that the visiting professor’s work will not be completed by the end date, and unless the visiting professor provides updated proof of finances to cover his/her additional time at UW-Platteville. Please see for more information on requesting a program extension.

  1. Issue Invitation Letter.  After receiving approval from the Director of International Programs, Dean, and Department Chair to invite the visiting professor, the host department will need to issue an invitation letter (on letterhead) for the visiting professor. The host department will need to email a copy of the invitation letter to AND send a hard copy of the invitation letter to International Programs (Royce Hall 111B). To view a sample invitation letter, please see the link on the right-hand side of this webpage. The invitation letter should include:
    • The start and end date of the visiting professor’s program
    • A detailed description of the visiting professor’s activities/responsibilities/expectations to be undertaken at UW-Platteville
    • The academic discipline in which the visiting professor will work while at UW-Platteville, and the name of the supervising faculty member
    • Details as to arrangements that have been or will be made relative to lodging for the visiting professor and office location at UW-Platteville
  1. Review the J-1 Visiting Professor Information Sheet (located on the right-hand side of this webpage).
  1. Work with the scholar to complete the online Scholar Application at least three months in advance of the visiting professor’s proposed start date at UW-Platteville. ISSS will issue a DS-2019 within 10 business days of receiving all of the application materials. Please click here for a list of application materials that must be submitted by the host department and the visiting professor.
  1. Notify ISSS if the J-1 visiting professor plans to arrive later than expected, so that ISSS   may defer  the program start date on the DS-2019 to avoid SEVIS auto-termination.
Please click here for detailed instructions on how to submit an online scholar application.

Incident Report Form

According to the Code of Federal Regulations [22 CFR 62.13(d)], sponsors of J-1 exchange visitors must promptly (on or before the next business day) notify the Department of State of any investigations of an exchange visitor’s site of activity or any serious problem or controversy that could be expected to bring the Department of State, the Exchange Visitor Program, or the sponsor’s exchange visitor program into notoriety or disrepute, to include:

  • Potential litigation related to a sponsor’s exchange visitor program, in which the exchange visitor may be a named party
  • Death of an exchange visitor
  • Serious injury of an exchange visitor
  • Sexual abuse allegations

To notify the Department of State of the types of incidents listed above, please work with the UW-Platteville ISSS Office to complete the Incident Report Form (located on the right-hand side of this page under "Host Department Responsibilities").