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What is the Global Amigos Program?

For international students who are unfamiliar with U.S. culture, adjusting to life in Wisconsin and at UW-Platteville can be both thrilling and challenging. The Global Amigos Program (formerly called the International Pal Program) at UW-Platteville, a friendship program in which current U.S. and international students are paired with new international students, was created to help ease the new international students’ transition to UW-Platteville and the U.S. and allow current students to get to know new students from around the world.

Participating in Global Amigos can be a rewarding experience for all participating students as it provides opportunities for cultural and social relationships that can create a foundation for lasting friendships. 

What do Global Amigos do?

UW-Platteville International Programs will assign new international students with students who are interested in learning more about other cultures and who are willing to volunteer to serve as a personal guide to life at UW-Platteville.  As an experienced student at UW-Platteville, you have a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience to share on everything from classes to culture (whether you realize it or not!).  There to offer cultural guidance, linguistic support, or just a helping hand and friendly face, serving as a mentor in the Global Amigos Program can help to ensure a smooth transition into international students’ new lives at UW-Platteville.

Things to Do with your Amigo

UW-Platteville International Programs will host a series of group events throughout the semester to give Global Amigos participants the chance to interact with each other and other Amigos.  Participants are expected to attend at least three of the organized events and are encouraged to organize their own get-togethers based on their interests.  Some ideas may include:

• Attend UW-Platteville sporting events
• Participate in the homecoming festivities
• Cook your favorite meals together
• See a play at the UW-Platteville Center for the Arts
• Attend the UW-Platteville Career Fair or the Campus Involvement Fair
• Introduce to your friends at UW-Platteville
• Attend events sponsored by Campus Programming and Relations
• Take a trip to Madison or Dubuque
• Attend UW-Platteville International Student Club, Students for Education Abroad, or Café International meetings or events
• Take a trip to the “M”
• Go on an UW-Platteville Outdoor Recreation trip together
• Go bowling, to the movies, or for a cup of coffee

Who can be a mentor in the Global Amigos Program?

All education abroad returnees and returning international students are welcome to apply and can benefit by learning about new cultures, making new friends from around the world, and having fun sharing their knowledge and experiences at UW-Platteville.  Students interested in being a mentor in Global Amigos must meet the following eligibility requirements:

• Hold a cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher
• Be a sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student
• Be currently enrolled at UW-Platteville and will be at full-time student status for the upcoming semester
• Complete all necessary application materials through the UW-Platteville International Programs Office

Your responsibilities as a mentor and Global Amigo

It takes two to make your experience as Global Amigo successful.  Ensure that you are contributing effectively by:

• Attending the required training session
• Participating in at least two group events organized by UW-Platteville International Programs during the semester in which you are an Amigo
• Planning your own get-togethers throughout the semester, meeting with your Global Amigo at least once every two weeks outside of the group events
• Taking responsibility and being responsive; acting on what you have planned with your Amigo
• Being confident and communicating openly; sharing your knowledge and experience honestly with your Amigo
• Remembering the goals of the Global Amigos Program while noting your own goals and the goals of your Amigo
• Keeping an open mind, being a good listener, and enjoying your time with your new Amigo

Schedule – Group Activities

UW-Platteville International Programs will host several group events throughout the semester to give Global Amigos participants the chance to interact with each other and other Amigos. In addition to getting together once every two weeks, Amigos are expected to attend at least two of the organized group activities together. To view the Global Amigos schedule of group activities, please click on the link on the right-hand side of this page.


Apply - Global Amigos - Mentors


Apply to Become a mentor!

Global Amigos will be matched on a first come first serve basis and applications must be submitted to the UW-Platteville International Programs Office by December 1 (for students wishing to participate in the spring) or May 1 (for students wishing to participate in the fall).

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