Banking/Paying Bills

How do I set up a bank account in Platteville?

Please click here for a guide to banking in Platteville.

When is the deadline for paying off my student bill?

Please click on "Billing Schedule" on the Cashier's Office website for semester-specific billing dates. Typically you must pay off your bill by no later than one week after classes start each semester. Failure to meet the billing deadlines will result in additional late fees and finance charges being charged to your account.

How do I view my student bill?

Please click on the "View Bill Online" link on the Cashier's Office website for instructions on how to view your tuition bill.

Can I pay my student bill before the semester begins?

You should wait until after the first day of classes to pay your student bill. Billing for international students is typically not finalized until after the semester begins. You should pay your student bill during the first week of classes to avoid late fees and finance charges.

How do I pay my student bill?

There are several ways you can pay your UW-Platteville bill.  Please see the Cashier's Office website for an overview of the different methods of payment you may use to pay your tuition bill. You will not need to pay your bill until after you arrive on campus. Please see the Cashier's Office website for specific deadlines for paying your bill. Current billing details can also be viewed online through PASS (Pioneer Administrative Software System). You will be able to log on to your PASS account once you arrive on campus.

Can I do a wire transfer to pay my student bill?

Yes. You may pay your student bill via a wire transfer. Please see your online ISSS account ("Pre-Arrival Program" under "Learning Content") for instructions on how to wire money to pay off your tuition/fees.

You may prefer to pay your bill by credit or debit card. Please be advised that paying by credit card will cost you an additional 2.5% surcharge. Your tuition bill can be paid online through PASS by credit/debit card. The Cashier's Office accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards for online payments.

As for paying with cash, please not that U.S. Customs does not allow individuals to carry more than $10,000.00 USD. If you do pay by cash or check, you can pay at the Cashier's Office in 236 Brigham Hall.

What other options do I have for paying my student bill? (Partial Payment Plan)

Please see the Cashier's Office website for information about the "partial payment plan" (paying your tuition bill gradually in regular installments throughout the first several weeks of the semester).

Can I give access to my student account to a parent/guardian or friend?

Yes, Guest User Access capability is now available for students to give third- party access to student accounts. Please click here for more details.

Students may give Guest Users access to the following features:

• Pay/View What I Owe

•  View Account Activity

•  View Class Schedule

•  View Contact Information

•  View Financial Aid

•  View Grades

•  View Holds

•  View To Dos

If I am sponsored by SACM or the Kuwait Embassy, what do I need to do in terms of making sure that my bill is paid off?

If you are sponsored by SACM or the Kuwait Embassy, you need to send your updated Financial Guarantee from your governement to the Cashier's Office ( every semester/year to ensure that your tuition is paid by your government. Please note that if you live on campus, have a meal plan, and/or incur fees outside of your tuition bill, you will be personally responsible for paying for those charges.

Where can I find more information about billing and refunds?

Please see the Cashier's Office website for more information.

Who do I contact with questions about Tuition or my student bill?

Please contact the Cashier's Office. Please click here for the Cashier's Office contact information and hours of operation.

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