Policies and Procedures

  1. Capital Equipment Inventory Additions – Procedures for properly reporting any additions to the capital equipment inventory
  2. Capital Equipment Inventory Definitions – Definitions for capital equipment inventory
  3. Capital Equipment Inventory Deletions – Procedures for properly reporting the disposition of capital equipment
  4. Capital Equipment Inventory Requisition – Procedures for requisition
  5. Capital Equipment Inventory Updates – Procedures for properly reporting any changes to existing items of capital equipment
  6. Inventory Verification - Procedures for the inventory verification process
  7. Standards for ID Tag Number Placement – Guidelines for proper placement of UW-Platteville ID tags on capital equipment
  8. Summary of Responsibilities – Identifies the following areas' responsibilities in the capital inventory process:
    • Purchasing
    • OIT
    • Central Receiving
    • Home Departments
    • Inventory Control
    • Data Entry
  9. UW System FPPP#33 – Accountability for Capital Equipment
  10. Voiding Tags – Procedures for properly voiding capital equipment inventory ID tags

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