Capital Inventory Requisition

The Purchase Requisition

At the end of the purchase requisition, define the purchase of a system using the following procedure.

  1. Type the word "NOTE".
  2. List the PO line items that will make the system. Separate the items with commas.
  3. Insert 2-4 spaces after the number list.
  4. Indicate the number of systems with this configuration.
  5. Insert 1 space after the number of systems.
  6. Type the word "SYS".
  7. Start a new line for each new system configuration.

NOTE: If more than one vendor is used to purchase the component parts, a cover letter needs to be submitted with the requisitions to properly notify Purchasing of a system purchase that needs to be capitalized.

The Capital Inventory Addition Form

On the front of the form the word "SYS" should be placed at the end of the description of the main component of the system. Only the main component will be inventoried. It will be inventoried with a value equal to the sum value of the system of components. Let the main component be either the most expensive component or the most visible component.

On the back of the form the following items should be placed in the "Notes" box:

  1. A brief description of the main component.
  2. The word "INCLUDE:"
  3. A list of the component parts that should be included with the system. Each item in the list should have a short description, and either a part number or a model name.

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