Volleyball Rules

  1. Ball must be served behind the rear line, anywhere, and may be hit in any manner with the hand.
  2. One serve is allowed per side out and it must land within the opponent’s court.  If it touches the net and continues into the opponent’s court, it is a live ball.
  3. It is a violation to touch the net or to reach over the net, except on follow through of a spike. It is a violation to reach under the net and touch an opponent or step completely over the center line.
  4. Holding or throwing the ball is an illegal hit.
  5. A ball landing on a boundary line is in.
  6. A point may be scored by the serving team or receiving team. (Rally Scoring)
  7. If a ball touches a player or a player touches the ball, he is considered as having played the ball. If the ball hits a player twice, or two or more blockers after being spiked, it is considered as having been played just once.
  8. The ball may be played only three times by one team in volleyball and a player may not play it twice in succession but may play it twice if it is played by a teammate in between.
  9. Players of the serving team must rotate clockwise when receiving the ball to serve, and the right back must serve.
  10. When two opponents hit the ball simultaneously out-of-bounds, a replay is called.
  11. No spiking or blocking the ball on the serve.
  12. First two games to 25 points (28 cap), third game to 15 points (18 cap).
  13. Each team must start with a minimum of three players - must be both sexes if Coed.  When six play coed - three men and three women.
  14. NOTE: The penalty for most violations is the loss of the ball for the side serving or loss of the point if receiving side violates.
  15. Play the best two out of three games; if a team wins the first two, the match is over.
  16. Rosters are due prior to the first contest (max. of 10).

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