Racquetball Rules


  • Play two games to 15, tiebreaker to 11.
  • Score one point for each win and one bonus point for winning the match.
  • Winning 2 games, plus the match = 3
  • Winning 1 game = 1
  • Losing in two straight games = 0

Scoring Sheets

All players are responsible for posting their own scores. Any unmarked score counts as a zero. Scoring sheets will be posted on the bulletin boards by the water fountains on the north side of the track. Make sure you keep the score sheet updated regularly.


A schedule will be mailed to all entrants and will be posted in the Pioneer Activity Center on the north bulletin board on the track level. It is the responsibility of each player and their opponent to schedule a mutually agreeable date and time for their match and to reserve a court.


The player who cannot play the match is responsible for notifying his opponent and also calling the PAC (342-1577) to cancel the court.

Reschedule Matches

The player who first cancels is the one responsible for taking the initiative to re-schedule a new date and time. If the player who first cancels does not re-schedule, he/she receives a zero and the opponent receives a 3.

No shows/Late cancelations

A no show or late cancelation of a court (less than 24 hours) will result in the player responsible not being allowed to reserve a court time for one (1) week. Players responsible have kept other players from being able to reserve that court time. A player who "no shows" loses by forfeit. The opponent who was present wins 3 points.

Playing Deadlines

We would prefer that you play all matches by the last day of the schedule week. However, to make the league as flexible as possible for each player, it is acceptable to arrange a match outside of the scheduled week. We want to make sure all matches are played by the end of the league.

****Make sure you reserve your court times early.****

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