Intramural Slow Pitch Softball Rules And Regulations

(All games played under A.S.A. rules with these exceptions.)

  1. Play with 10 fielders - sub only
  2. No metal cleats.
  3. Bat unlimited number of people.
  4. Seven inning games or 50 minutes whichever occurs first.
  5. 50 minute rule time limit. No inning will start after 50 minutes are up. However, finish the inning if in middle when time limit is up.
  6. Three (3) balls constitute a walk.
  7. Two swinging strikes of any kind (foul ball, swing, and miss) or one called strike is an out.
  8. No leading off, no courtesy step, the ball must be hit before you can run, otherwise you are out.
  9. Five minutes GRACE period for 3:45 games only, all other games will start on time - NO GRACE PERIOD!
  10. Pitchers will get five warm-up pitches to start the game and three warm-up pitches between innings.
  11. No arguments over calls made by umpires.
  12. No bat throwing is allowed.
  13. Game times are TBA. Will depend on number of teams that play softball.
  14. 15 run rule after three innings, 10 run rule after four innings.
  15. 15 person roster must be turned in prior to first contest.
  16. Each team must have at least seven people to start a contest.
  17. Tie games after seven innings or 50 minute time limit. Put last out of previous inning on second base, start with no outs. Both teams get same opportunity. Play all extra innings.
  18. COED MUST HAVE same number of men as women. Ex. five men and five women, if only four women then only four men can play.  Team must have at least four men and four women to start game.
  19. COED MUST bat man-woman-man-woman or every other one!
  20. COED - If you walk a man the woman up next has a choice to walk, too.
  21. Sliding is allowed into any base.
  22. Pitch must be lobed in at least six feet from ground at one point. Spinning the ball is permissible.
  23. Bases are 60 ft. apart, 50 ft. from plate to pitcher’s rubber.
  24. Runners may touch either plate or black mat to score. Catcher must touch the plate on a force out.
  25. To protest, a $2 forfeit fee must accompany a letter involving the incident and must be in the intramural director’s possession within 24 hours.  If protest is upheld the $2 fee will be returned.
  26. Players are allowed to play on one men’s or women’s team and on one coed team only.
  27. RAINOUTS - Contact the intramural director (608.342.1568) for rescheduling.

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