Indoor Soccer Rules

Teams Consist

Six (6) players on the court at one time--One (1) goalie and five (5) players.  A 10-player roster must be turned in PRIOR TO FIRST CONTEST.

Game Length

Two (2) halves of twenty minutes each. The clock will run nonstop during each half, only stopping for a penalty or injury. Halftime will be five (5) minutes.


Substitutions may enter on the fly.

Playing Court

We will use ½ of the multi-area in the Williams Fieldhouse Addition.  Everything, including the curtains, is in play.

Off Sides

There are no off sides in this form of Indoor Soccer.

Slide Tackling

There is no slide tackling allowed in this form of indoor soccer.

A Goal

Scored when the whole ball has passed over the goal line between the goal posts and under the cross bars provided it has not been thrown, carried, or intentionally propelled by hand or arm of a player from the attacking side.

Tie Game

In case of a tie at the end of regulation, one ten-minute overtime period will be played.  If the score is still tied after this period, the game will remain a tie.  This is a sudden death overtime, so the first goal wins the game.


  • Non-flagrant - Tripping, pushing, tackling, charging and holding, swearing or arguing with an official’s decision will result in a one (1) minute penalty for the person who commits the foul.  The only exception is in the case of the goalie.  He will not serve the penalty but another member of the team on the court will.  Penalties will be served in the team’s bench area.
  • Change of Possession - Catching or touching the ball deliberately with hands or arms by anyone other than the goalie is a change of possession.  A free kick results.  Area behind south goal will be out of bounds.
  • Flagrant - Intentional tripping, kicking, tackling, charging, and holding will be a five (5) minute penalty.
  • All penalties, with the exception of a flagrant foul, the penalized player can leave the penalty box if:
  1. A goal is scored.
  2. When his/her one (1) minute is up.

On a flagrant foul the player must serve the full five (5) minutes and his team must play short-handed the whole time regardless if a goal or goals are scored.

Game Misconduct

  1. Touching an official
  2. Fighting
  3. Committing two (2) flagrant fouls in the same game

Anyone receiving a game misconduct will be removed from the game and will not be allowed to participate in any further games during the season. Offenders’ team will play shorthanded for five minutes (Flagrant Penalty).

Rosters/Hold Harmless

Due prior to first contest. (Maximum 10)

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