Fall 2013

  1. Ad Hoc Committee agrees on common definition of internationalization
  2. Subcommittees form, agree on tasks and objectives
  3. Begin inventory activities
    • What data and information do we need that benchmarks our current range of internationalization activities, climate, outcomes, and goals?
    • What data and information do we have?
    • Initial discussion of how we fill in the gaps
  4. Begin and complete draft review of college, department, and programs’ university planning documents, mission statements, assessment plans, and other documents for internationalization/global competency information and commitments
  5. Begin formulating communications plans

Spring 2014        

  1. Continue inventory activities
    • Continue assessing data/information needs and benchmarking current activity
    • Formulate further survey, focus group, and community meetings
  2. Learning Goals and Curriculum
    • Review college, departmental, and other academic programs’ academic planning documents to identify internationalization and global competency goals
    • Drawing on ACE/FIPSE Project on Assessing International Learning, determine how current goals line up with global competency outcomes
  3. Internal Communications:
    • Meet with Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Senate, colleges, and other constituencies internal to UW-Platteville
  4. External Communications and Outreach
    • Begin outreach activities in Platteville community to do needs/wants assessments
  5. Site visits to peer institutions for discussions of best practices if needed
  6. Complete inventory
  7. Internal and External Communications and Outreach continued
  8. Submit mid-term report to Faculty Senate, the Provost, and the Chancellor including (1) an inventory or audit of current international activities and opportunities, (2) an assessment of the university’s climate for these activities, and (3) a list of milestones with a timeline for the final months of the project.

Fall 2014

  1. Drafting of action items for university planning
  2. Communications and Outreach Report completed

Spring 2015

  1. Submit final report to Provost, Chancellor, and Faculty Senate

Internationalization Definition

Working Definition

Internationalization is the process of incorporating global perspectives into teaching, learning, and research to meet the university’s obligation to prepare students for productive and responsible citizenship in the world.  This includes:

  • Building intercultural skills and competencies among students, faculty and staff
  • Establishing relationships and collaborations with individuals and institutions abroad
  • Promoting respect of religious, cultural, and linguistic differences
  • Developing strategic, coordinated processes that align and integrate policies, programs and initiatives

[Definition adapted from the American Council on Education’s “Mapping Internationalization on U.S. Campuses: 2012 Edition”]

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