The charge of the Ad Hoc University Internationalization Committee is to assess, recommend, and provide strategic guidance to the comprehensive internationalization of our university.

As part of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s stated mission to “Enable each student to become broader in perspective, more literate, intellectually more astute, ethically more sensitive and to participate wisely in society as a competent professional and knowledgeable citizen,” it is necessary to prepare UW-Platteville students for a globalized world.  This includes developing the ability to compete economically, to operate effectively in other cultures and settings, to use knowledge to improve their own lives and their communities, and to better comprehend the realities of the contemporary world in which we live.

Over the course of many years, UW-Platteville’s faculty, staff and academic leaders have created a number of successful internationalization initiatives, including opportunities for students to study abroad, programs focused on bringing international students to Platteville, and efforts to bring an international perspective to the curriculum.  Over the next 24 months, the Ad Hoc University Internationalization Committee will:

  • Review UW-Platteville’s current international activities
  • Develop global learning goals and a plan for assessment
  • Develop strategic goals that will sharpen UW-Platteville’s global presence and help expand its effectiveness in international education

Specifically, the Ad Hoc University Internationalization Committee will undertake the following tasks:

  1. Define internationalization, with special reference to its meaning in light of UW-Platteville’s distinctive context and institutional mission.
  2. Provide to Faculty Senate, Chancellor Shields, and Provost Nimocks Den Herder a mid-term report, due in May 2014, that includes (1) an inventory or audit of current international activities and opportunities, (2) an assessment of the university’s climate for these activities, and (3) a list of milestones with a timeline for the final months of the project.
  3. No later than May 2015, submit to the Faculty Senate, Chancellor Shields, and Provost Nimocks Den Herder a final report that summarizes the Ad Hoc University Internationalization Committee’s findings and recommendations.

Internationalization Definition

Working Definition

Internationalization is the process of incorporating global perspectives into teaching, learning, and research to meet the university’s obligation to prepare students for productive and responsible citizenship in the world.  This includes:

  • Building intercultural skills and competencies among students, faculty and staff
  • Establishing relationships and collaborations with individuals and institutions abroad
  • Promoting respect of religious, cultural, and linguistic differences
  • Developing strategic, coordinated processes that align and integrate policies, programs and initiatives

[Definition adapted from the American Council on Education’s “Mapping Internationalization on U.S. Campuses: 2012 Edition”]

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