Section: International Studies


International Studies majors are required to study abroad and do so in places around the world.  Many majors also choose to pursue an internship or independent research project as a part of their program.  These are just some of the experiences of UW-Platteville's International Studies majors.

Sarah Fonger

Sarah Fonger: "During my time as an International Studies major, I was able to study abroad in the Netherlands.  This experience enriched my knowledge of other cultures and how to keep an open mind in working with people from various backgrounds.  It taught me that every place does things differently and that by keeping your own ideals in mind, but being able to open yourself to new experiences, anything is possible.  It was an experience that enhanced my major in ways that only experiencing life in Platteville cannot.  I was also able to complete an independent study project under Travis Nelson about the effectiveness of non-profit organizations.  Writing a 30 page paper and participating in the Undergraduate Research Symposium allowed me to grow in my research abilities, but also to receive the knowledge of what a graduate program would be like."

Gabriel Brownell

Gabriel Brownell: "I studied in Seville, Spain in Spring of 2013. While there I attended classes at the Spanish American Institute of International Education, and through the school I met people who shared my interest in exploring Spain and was presented with opportunities to do so. The program organized trips to Lisbon and Morocco where we learned the region’s history and culture directly through interactions with the people and the ancient architecture. My favorite part was when we were given the opportunity to travel on our own. I was able to explore my home country at will. Travelers often go on about Barcelona or Madrid as being the sights to see, but I have to say that visiting the small towns is just as valuable. I’m glad I studied abroad; I was able to spend time with my grandmother, visit and explore new places, and obtain a global perspective that would be impossible without studying abroad."

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