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International Studies

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International Studies Program

What is the International Studies program?

The international studies program is a multi-disciplinary major and minor as well as a discipline in itself. Students are given an education that enables them to gain a detailed understanding and knowledge of the increasingly interdependent world. The major incorporates a variety of subject fields which include international politics, sociology, economics, geography, international business, world history, world languages and literature. Through reading, writing and critical thought, students examine current global issues, world history, world governments, cultures, and international security. International studies majors enhance their academic learning with practical overseas experience in a regional geographical area of choice. There are also rewarding student internships available in various international organizations throughout the world.

What Can You Do With An International Studies Degree?

Because students graduate with both a broad and detailed perspective of the world, they are prepared to work in numerous fields from international business to geographical information systems to public health or teaching. Students can pursue further study in graduate school, law school or MBA programs. Opportunities are also available in international governance, such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the CIA or the World Bank. Non-governmental agencies such as Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, the Peace Corps, and Doctors without Borders, Human Rights Watch, or Bread for the World offer a multiplicity of exciting career prospects.

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