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summer 2018 Applications Now Open!

Apply today!

Upcoming Education Abroad Events

Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation
(for Spring 2018 and Winterim 2018 study abroad students)
Friday, December 8
4:00-8:00pm in MPSC: University Rooms

Short Term Study Abroad

Don’t have the time or money to spend a full semester abroad? Consider a UW-Platteville Short-Term Faculty-Led education abroad programs and earn 3 credits for an international course taught by a UW-Platteville professor for a very affordable price. Two programs are still accepting applications!

Featured Programs this Upcoming Winterim 2018

London, England - British Theatre & English Period Style for the Theatre (3 cr.)
Program Dates: January 3 - 17, 2018
Instructors: Dr. Ann Farrelly, Jeffrey Strange and Sarah Strange
Application Deadline: October 1, 2017

San José, Costa Rica - Ecology and Conservation of Costa Rica (3 cr.)
Program Dates: January 3 - 20, 2018
Instructors: Dr. Beth Frieders and Dr. Richard Waugh
Application Deadline: October 1, 2017

For more information, contact studyabroad@uwplatt.edu.


Pioneer Abroad Scholarship Recipient

The Spring 2017 recipient of the Pioneer Abroad Scholarship, Sylas Swank, gives a glimpse into his experiences abroad and why others should study abroad too:

My name is Sylas Swank and I truly believe that I made the best choice in my entire life when I decided to study in Dublin, Ireland last semester. I have always said that I wanted to travel, but prior to this last semester I had hardly even seen much of the States. During my co-op in the spring of 2016 I completed the relatively easy process of filling out the paperwork to study abroad and anxiously awaited my acceptance. In the middle of October I received my confirmation five minutes before a huge engineering test and boy was it hard to focus on that test! Before I knew it, the three months leading up to my departure flew by and I was on my first international flight to have the adventure of a life time.

I had a good understanding that I was going to have the time of my life traveling, but I had no idea just what was in store for me. Ireland was absolutely gorgeous and stole my heart. I made so many incredible friends from all over the world and I have countless stories to tell of my adventures. I was fortunate enough to travel to five countries during my semester and then backpack through another ten countries in Europe over the next month, making it as far east as Budapest. I cannot express how much I wish everyone should study abroad. I honestly didn’t realize how big the world is and how many wonders it has to offer. I learned a great deal about myself and people among my travels as well as many other life lessons. Anyone can travel, you just have to commit to it.

Education abroad Statistics

We have a total of 96 UW-Platteville students returning to campus after participating in a study abroad program this Fall 2017 semester. Countries these students studied in include: China, Romania, England, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Russia, Ireland, Poland, France, Germany, Fiji, and Japan! Most students studied abroad during the summer term, but 26 students studied abroad for a full semester or even academic year! See the breakdown in the graph:

Study abroad spain partnership

SAIIE- University of Seville

Starting Spring 2018, UW-Platteville students that study abroad through the SAIIE Seville, Spain program will be able to take classes at the University of Seville Spain (Universidad De Sevilla). Courses offered through the program may be offered in English and Spanish. Allowing students with no previous language experience to participate in classes alongside Spaniards!
Examples include:
-Language of International Development: Healthcare and Voluntary Work
-Contemporary Spain: Economy, Society and Environment
-International Marketing
-European Relations since World War II
SAIIE will continue to offer their Intensive Language track for students interested in jumpstarting their language skills while abroad! Check with the UW-Platteville Education Abroad office for information and scholarships.

Contact: Johnsonrobe@uwplatt.edu for more information.

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