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Summer 2017, Fall 2017, and Academic Year 2017-2018 Applications Now Open!

Apply today!

Upcoming Education Abroad Events

Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation
(for Summer 2017, Fall 2017, and Academic Year 2017-18 study abroad students)
Friday, May 5
4:00-8:00pm in MPSC: University Rooms

Education Abroad Re-Entry
Thursday, September 14
5-7:00pm in the MPSC: University South

International Education Week
Monday, September 18 – Friday, September 22

Education Abroad Fair
Thursday, September 21
11am-3:00pm in the MPSC: University Room

Short Term Study Abroad

Don’t have the time or money to spend a full semester abroad? Consider a UW-Platteville Short-Term Faculty-Led education abroad programs and earn 3 credits for an international course taught by a UW-Platteville professor for a very affordable price. Two programs are still accepting applications!

For more information, contact studyabroad@uwplatt.edu.


Call for Education Abroad Marketing & Outreach Interns

We are looking for two outstanding, resourceful, and hard-working interns to work in the Education Abroad Office for the Fall 2017 semester. We will be hiring two new Education Abroad Marketing & Outreach Interns. Both are paid positions and require you to work 8 hours per week. Those interested must turn in their application to the Education Abroad Office in Royce Hall by Friday, May 12th at 12pm.  

Want to know more? Click here for more information about the job requirements and expectations.

Student Spotlight: Bethany jensen

Bethany is a student and resident assistant (RA) here at UW-Platteville and plans to study abroad in Seville, Spain in Spring 2018. She is an Industrial Engineering major with a double minor in Spanish and Business. Bethany has done her fair share of traveling; she worked with John Deere down in Georgia, went on a mission trip to Haiti, and even has ventured to Brazil multiple times. One reason that Bethany chose the Seville program is because she has never been to Europe. She said that Europe is an exciting place because it has so much to offer. There are so many opportunities to travel and you can take a weekend trip to so many unique countries. One country that Bethany wants to see (other than Spain) is Portugal. She speaks some Portuguese and is excited to experience their culture. Bethany thought that Seville was a perfect fit for her because of what the program offered. She could take classes towards her major and minors. She can also travel to different places in Europe. Most importantly, Bethany looks to immerse herself in the Spanish culture. She is very excited about the homestay this course offers. She said that this is a great way to experience a new culture. Bethany hopes that with this experience, her Spanish will improve greatly and she will learn many new things about Spain and about Europe as a whole.

SAIIE Announcement!

SAIIE Study Abroad in Seville, Spain has just signed a partnership with the Universidad de Sevilla! The partnership will allow students studying abroad for Spring 2018 to take courses in the departments of Language Study, Geography and History, as well as Business and Political Science. Those wishing to participate must submit an application through the Education Abroad office before October 15, 2017 to study at the University of Seville in Spring 2018. Scholarships are available from SAIIE and UW-Platteville.

Contact: Johnsonrobe@uwplatt.edu for more information.

Education Abroad Assessment Data

Sixty-three respondents who studied abroad between Summer 2016 and Winterim 2017 responded to the Education Abroad Program Evaluation survey. These students participated in both long-term and short-term programs. The chart and data were taken from the Education Abroad Evaluation Report, which is a survey that students are asked to complete about their study abroad experience. This report includes 10 questions about learning outcomes with a before and after snapshot. The graph is a depiction of students’ proficiencies in each learning outcome both before and after their experience abroad. It is important to note that the data above is the average between each proficiency for each learning outcome. In looking at this data it is clear that there has been significant growth from their initial proficiency before going abroad to their increased level of proficiency upon return.


  • Questions 7 & 17: Feeling comfortable interacting with people from different cultures
  • Questions 8 & 18: Being open and adaptable to new experiences
  • Questions 9 & 19: Understanding the impact a global experience can have on my future career
  • Questions 10 & 20: Having knowledge of global issues, trends, and news
  • Questions 11 & 21: Comparing and contrasting characteristics of my own culture and other cultures
  • Questions 12 & 22: Communicating ideas effectively while interacting with others
  • Questions 13 & 23: Recognizing different cultural perspectives to think critically and solve problems
  • Questions 14 & 24: Being of aware of who I am as a person (beliefs, values, meaning)
  • Questions 15 & 25: Valuing of relationships with those from different cultures
  • Questions 16 & 26: Understanding the significance of volunteering and giving back to society

Interview with Angela Yang, Education Abroad Alum and Pioneering Abroad Recipient

Angela Yang is a Senior from Madison, WI. At the University of Wisconsin-Platteville double majoring in Business Administration and International Studies with a French minor. As a freshman in college she already had dreams of pursuing a study abroad experience but she kept on waiting and waiting making excuses to not go. Eventually, she reached her last year of college and decided she did not want to graduate with regrets of not studying abroad. In fall of 2016, she studied abroad in Thailand the country where her mother was born and where her parents met. The interview is based upon her experiences abroad in Thailand.

What was the greatest part about studying abroad for you?
Immersing myself in a different culture and having the opportunity to communicate with people that didn't speak my language. It was something really awesome. You think you're so multicultural, and then you jump into this environment and you're like, hey you know what? I'm not that multicultural. And doing a long-term really lets you engage in the community. And I learned a lot about myself. 

What was the most impactful moment where you learned about the host culture?
I feel like I had so many impactful moments that I can't pinpoint one because you meet so many different people. I went to a school with high status; most students from my university were very wealthy. To be there and see their mindset, they are also individualistic and are similar to us. It's funny when they learn about me and they're like, "You do this too?" They have their own stereotypes of us and ours of them. We think third world country (not as wealthy), but when you get there they are more wealthy than you. And they think you're wealthy here. But that turned into an impactful conversation. 

Do you have any funny stories about your experience?
We got lost. When you get lost, it's always interesting. We went on this trip to see the sunflower fields. So we got there, and they said, "This isn't the right place." This guy then tried to rip us off. He took us to the sunflowers, but we had to constantly pay him. Then it was about 3:30; the guy asked us how we were going to get home. The two that planned it said we were going to take a train. The guy said that the train stopped running like 2 months ago. Everyone was freaking out. One of our friends took a motorbike home. She literally paid someone like 200 USD to get her home. I called my Thai best friend and told her what happened. We saw this officer and talked to our Thai friend and passed the phone because we couldn't speak Thai. She would talk to the officer, and then I would talk to her to know what he said. We eventually found us a van to get us back to Bangkok. Turned out we got back there before our friend on the motorbike!

Would you ever study abroad again?
Oh yes, I would. Most definitely! 

What would you recommend for students that want to study abroad, especially if they are interested in going to Thailand?
Take a class on the society and culture. And you should know about their political system; it plays a huge role in what you do and what you say. Also, never get too mad because that gets rude, and be sure to respect their monarchy and Thai society. If you don't, you can be jailed. Spend wisely, that's another one. You have to budget and don't overspend. And make sure you bring cash to exchange; bring hundred dollar bills. Also, when you cross borders that require on-site visas, be sure to take those little 2x2 photos with you.

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