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CASA Program: Community Ambassadors for Students from Abroad

The CASA program provides a unique opportunity for international students to experience U.S.  culture with local community members from the Platteville area.  As an international student, getting involved in the CASA program will provide you with the opportunity to meet local Platteville community members that will help you adjust to Wisconsin and the U.S. lifestyle as well as share cultural insights.

International Education Week

UW-Platteville celebrates International Education Week (IEW) each fall, so watch for information about IEW campus events and activities. Contact if you are interested in doing a presentation, performance, or activity during International Education Week.

International Club

The International Club, open to both U.S. and international students,  educates and promotes global understanding through learning about different cultures, having fun, and organizing international programs, events, and activities. Register on Pioneer Link under "International Club."

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