I-20 and Visa Information

Most students come to the United States on a student (F-1) visa. To secure an F-1 visa, students must present their I-20 form to their American Consulate. The I-20 is sent to the student from the admitting college or university. During their entire stay in the United States, students will be held to the conditions of admission located on the face of the I-20 as well as items in the statement on the back of the I-20. Before receiving the F-1 visa, a student must satisfy the Consulate regarding their financial support while in the United States as well as provide evidence of health insurance.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will, upon the student's arrival in the United States, will issue an electronic Form I-94 (Arrival and Departure Record), which is generally valid for the duration of the approved program of study at the university issuing the I-20. The Form I-94 indicates the students date and place of entry, status and an admission number.

If you are an international student and are currently studying in the United States and seek to transfer to UW-Platteville, it is required that the International Student Advisor/DSO at your current school complete the UW-Platteville Transfer Clearance Form. This document is not required prior to admission, but will need to be completed and uploaded to your online ISSS account before you are issued an I-20 from UW-Platteville.

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