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A.S.S.E. Brat Sale
ASSE Brat Sale

Factors for Success

According to our graduates, the following skills and abilities have contributed to their success at their jobs upon graduation (listed in descending order of importance):

  • applying math and science
  • writing clearly
  • public speaking
  • synthesizing data
  • providing leadership
  • applying technical knowledge
  • listening effectively
  • using computers
  • working as a team member
  • problem solving

Other skills graduates have mentioned as important:

  • having a strong working knowledge of your particular technical area
  • managing time and working effectively under pressure
  • being flexible and willing to adapt to changes
  • hands-on problem solving
  • organizing, preparing for, and managing meetings
  • decision making in light of associated costs and return on investment 
  • negotiating and resolving conflict
  • working in virtual teams and functioning in a global society

Gazing into Your ProfessionaL Future

  • Job titles that industrial studies graduates hold
  • Companies that have hired industrial studies graduates
  • Testimonials from successful graduates and satisfied employers


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